General Warrior

KMST 1.2.03 - Aran Takes Another Hit As of the recent test patch, Aran took another blow to their stats. The skill, Regained Memory loses its' boss damage and critical rate. Advanced Combo Ability's abnormal status reduction has been cut by 20%. But the worst offender was our Adrenaline, it's active damage buff has been cut by 250%, going from 400% to 150% and despite giving us a passive cap bonus, Adrenaline Generator cannot be used 15 seconds after or during regular Adrenaline. This would mean that if unchanged, Adrenaline would only give us 250% bonus damage counting the passive damage, making it half of what it was originally.

General Aran

The Inevitable has Happened As you may know, KMST's latest update have increased Party Play to all monsters, as a result, all Instant Death skills have been effected, included our Tempest. [i]Aran's Combo Tempest skill's effect on monsters will no longer be activated by using Combo Tempest again. I think this change was made so that you can't just spam Combo Tempest and train like that haha.[/i] So what it means is that you can't kill monsters when they're frozen anymore. I've seen this one coming and I don't mind it. Tempest was acting WAY too good an Ultimate, it either needed this or a cooldown.

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