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How do I know if I'm IP banned?

So I've got a long story on my hands here, but there's no point in telling it again, so I'll try to shorten it, though I can't make any promises.
I've been a long-time MS player (like most Maplers, I'd assume), never had any history of hacking or breaking the ToS. I stopped being a super avid player after some of the Post-Big-Bang patches but I still came back every now and then. Recently, I tried coming back to Maple to see what's new, and made a new character on Reboot. Unfortunately, some program I had running in the background was apparently suspicious to Nexon's security program, and I got perma-banned on my main account after having been d/ced once, then logging back in with said program still open which prompted the ban.

It wasn't the end of the world since I have other accounts I could use. I logged onto one of my secondary accounts and tried to do some experimenting to see which program was pissing off Nexon's security. After getting d/ced by the security once, I figured it must be my Media Player Hotkeys(or MPH for short), which is just a hotkey program used to navigate Windows Media Player while tabbed into other windows. I also figured that your account must not get banned until you get caught the SECOND time with a suspicious program open so I said to myself "Okay well, on this particular account, I've only been d/ced by security once, so as long as I keep the program closed from now on, I should be fine."

Well, I was wrong. The next time I tried to run Maplestory from Nexon's game launcher, I found that my secondary account wasn't banned, but that I was probably IP-banned instead. That doesn't make too much sense to me, as I've heard that you have to get permabanned on MULTIPLE accounts for it to warrant an IP-ban. But, that's the only thing I can think of since whenever I launch Maplestory, I get that message that says "You are unable to connect to the game servers for one of three reasons: 1) The game is down for maintenance 2) You are playing from a banned IP or 3) Your internet connection is unstable". Now, I know my internet is fine, and I've checked Nexon's website these past few days, and the game hasn't been down. ON TOP OF THAT, whenever I tried to login to Maplestory's website, it just doesn't work. The first time I click the login button, I can get to the login page itself. But after entering my ID and password and submitting, the page fails to load. And for every attempt after that, I can't even get the login page to load. The same thing happens if I try to log into the websites for any of Nexon's OTHER games.

So I'd think I'm IP-banned, but I'm not entirely sure, since I've heard a few other stories about IP-bans, and there are varying results. Some people say you can't even access Nexon's website. Others say that if you try to launch the game you won't even get a message, and nothing will happen. And again, it seems like I'm prohibited from logging in on ANY of my Nexon accounts, and on ALL of their games (Like Mabinogi and Vindictus), even though only one of my accounts was banned from Maplestory specifically. The rest of them should be fine.

So can anyone tell me what's going on here? And if there's any way to bypass the IP ban so I can use my other account(s)? I'd like not give up on this game just yet (Though I've wanted to in the past, trust me.) Not to mention that I also enjoy Mabinogi from time to time, and it would really suck if I couldn't play it because I was wrongfully banned in a completely different game (though, the login issues that I'm having with Mabi could be completely unrelated, but who knows?).

August 8, 2017

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You get that message from playing using a VPN or something that constantly changes your IP address, or playing through a virtual machine

Reply August 9, 2017

Contact Nexon support rather than looking to bypass bans, because they'll probably keep banning you at this rate until you actually try to sort this out with them.

Reply August 9, 2017

Did you try accessing Nexon's homepage or another game site, maybe you can find a pathway to GM live chat.

Reply August 8, 2017