Recruiting players to Pastry Reboot NA

-Leader: Neko
-In game contact: Neko

Not much requirements since we're still fresh
1. Be active in game and discord. Minimum 3 days in game
2. 145+
3. Mains only

-About us:

Just a player who has been in many guilds before. All that wanted their members to reach end game as fast as possible. Thus how Pastry was created. To be a simple and casual guild. But to progress at each players own pace.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your sweet tooth and join Pastry!

January 26, 2019

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@hydraxide: Thx ! So its like a chat screen which you can see while you are playing.

Reply February 11, 2019

@gekkegerrit Discord is like slack combined with teamspeak, basically a chatting and texting app with servers that people have for different things, which I guess in this case would be for the guild.

Reply February 10, 2019

Sorry, i love to join, but again , what is discord ?
Be active in game and discord.

Reply February 10, 2019

can't find the guild unfortunately.. :x

Reply February 9, 2019

@antisenpai: That shouldn't be a problem. Only thing I ask of is guild cap if you're alright with that. Other then that feel free to apply in game!

Reply January 27, 2019

I'll join if you'll have me. Ign is Cutter, play mostly after work and on days off if that's alright.

Reply January 27, 2019

What is discord ? For the rest, sounds pretty awesome !

Reply January 26, 2019