Someone left a large pile, 5-6, of 43 and 64 maple items in perion a couple days ago. This was unrevealed, this is what it came out to be. not bad for a first reveal on a low lvl equip, if i say so.

August 15, 2011

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[quote=ImWindiasLegend]how is it a good reveal? the only line that is relevent to warriors is the +4 str, so 1) you have 1/3 lines being used and 2) the only used line isnt even % boss %PDR % Attack or % total dmg, which are better for weapons than str lines[/quote]

Haven't you noticed that DEX SLIGHTLY increases your damage?

Reply November 21, 2011

im not comparing it to your guys's comparing it to any other low lvl equip that hasnt been cubed.anyone that hates or has negative criticism can shove it.its one of the best low lvl reveals ive ever done.

Reply August 17, 2011

Nothing to say.

Reply August 16, 2011
moneyblade o-o

Reply August 16, 2011

sorry but it completely fails i would drop it.

Reply August 16, 2011