General Mechanic

Mechanic 5th Job Skill No 2 Micro Missile Wide range attack using 20 missiles, each doing 5 lines on up to 15 enemies, 156% damage, 15 second cooldown, at level 1. ------------------------------------------------------------ This skill would be quite garbage were it not for the fact that if there is one mob, all the missiles attack it, doing 100 lines instantly. It is a skill that helps cover more area when mobbing and can actually see regular use with its friendly cooldown. Ok burst, and ok map coverage. Less than tasteful imo but not bad. Although the general sentiment at insoya is that it is weak, I wouldn't be surprised if the skill is insensibly nerfed. edit; oh wait thats 15,600% damage at level 1. ------------------------------------

General Mechanic

Mechanic 5th job Multiple Option: M-FL: Summon an attack robot that uses a gatling gun and missiles. When attacking enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. [max level: 50] Level 1: Consumes 750 MP. For 31 seconds, summon an attacking robot that uses gatling guns, missiles, and absorbs damage. Gatling gun: deals 155% damage 6 times on up to 8 enemies in range, reactivation cooldown of 8 seconds. Missile: deals 405% damage 6 times on up to 8 enemies in range, reactivation cooldown of 8 seconds. If an attack was to do more than 50% of your maximum HP, the damage will be completely absorbed by the robot. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Level 50: Consumes 750 MP. For 80 seconds, summon an attacking robot that uses gatling guns, missiles,

General Battlemage

KMST ver. 1.2.024 BaM dark element question Death: is now a Dark element attack Dark Chain Dark Chain: is now a Dark element attack Dark Lightning Dark Lightning: attack and attack when the mark is activated are now Dark element attacks Battle Spurt Battle Spurt: is now a Dark element attack Dark Genesis Dark Genesis: attack and extra attack while this skill is on cooldown are now Dark element attacks Battle Master Battle Master: has been renamed to Master of Death, duration has been decreased, cooldown has been increased, number of monsters required to activate Death and all Blow skills’ number of hits boost have been decreased, in addition to existing effects Master of Death now reduces Death’s reactivation cooldown each tim

General Mechanic

My mechanic design Before the announcement of the mechanic revamp I had designed some sort of incomplete rework in mind for the mechanic class; it was quite fun to do, tell me what you think. Job instructor: Black Heaven change Checky loses his bear mask and is revealed to be an ex-Black wings master engineer Citizen: Autorepair nanobots: Recover 5% Max HP every 8 seconds. Must be mounted on Mech - Prototype to work. Max level 1 Cancel Command: Destroys all active summons. Summons destroyed this way do not proc self destruct damage. Max level 1 Mechanic dash: can no longer be done while jumping. Max level 1 Mechanic 1: Flame turret: Summon up to 2 turrets, which continously blast fire in a small cone in one direction. Deals 200% damage per

General Mechanic

Sentiments on the coming revamp Aren't you excited? Are you ready for the revamped mechanic? >Higher DPS >Uncapped speed/jump >faster rocket jump >Tank mode rope climbing >farther mechanic dash >One of the best mobbing skills to date >A payload of 17 lines >Much larger amplifier aura with no cooldown, passive healing, and mapwide PDR (not on bosses)! >damage boosts, critical chance >Much better survivability >Cleaner washing machine, manlier tank, nicer animations >turret summon >Long range missiles now can hit other platforms and magnus in the air (finally) >Able to use other skills while in bossing mode! But not all is fine and dandy. We lost siege, which we must admit, was powerful. Hitbox and mo

General Quests

Beasts of Fury Dungeon Walkthrough My brutally honest guide on this dungeon that is too long, spoilers 1. Go to Mu Lung. There you will find a raccoon and a monkey. This is when you choose your faction. I chose Gold Dragon because I like that color more than red. After you choose, the opposing faction representative will disappear. Now answer the representative's dumb questions, you get unlimited tries. Once completed a portal opens to the dungeon. 2. Enter the dungeon, go up the steps. Talk to the member outside the dojo and receive ugly damage skin. Talk to him again to get quest to enter training areas: boulder and bamboo. 3. Enter training areas and introduce yourself; that is the quest. Return to member outside dojo. 4. Enter dojo buil

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