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I need help with some equips

I recently came back to maplestory and am kind of confused on what to do with my equips

I currently have atm
30 atk mask
17 atk scg epic 2 lines
6% str top - 1% str neb lvl 90 gear - epic
6% str bot - 1% str neb lvl 90 gear - epic
9% str cape -1% str neb - lvl 85 gear - epic
12% str vss - 1% str neb - epic
135 atk wep + 12 wep atk wep

I can get 10k nx to fund myself, what should I do to increase my damage? sell everything and buy an item set like lionheart?

0 January 6, 2014

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no man i think %str and good wep > than empress well now u can take advantage of the new sweet H2o set or if u waann chip in some nx to get clean ra and work from there but the mask is must keep and i would sell the rest and work on a new set of armor

Reply January 6, 2014