Dimensional invasion party quest

Is anyone else dcing during the dimensional invasion party quest? Because i keep dcing on my lumi when it comes to fighting the mob after the hilla message pop ups

April 4, 2013

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[quote=evilkaz]It dced and Autobanned me...[/quote]

this is sad u.u happened to me too but i dont think its because of the pq itself.. i blame hyperskills

Reply April 4, 2013

i know sometimes when i do it in a party atleast one person doesn't but its never me

Reply April 4, 2013

It dced and Autobanned me...

Reply April 4, 2013

Loads of people are, sadly

Reply April 4, 2013

Yep I crash to the desktop within seconds of attacking it. Blackheart or w.e its called.

Reply April 4, 2013