Why is marvel such a pain QQ BibleThump

Spent 50k on it then couldn't stop myself and spent another 150k and all I got was a battleroid and 2 marvelous medals that aren't even tradeable RIP, the rest was all cosmetics (style boxes, salon expansions etc) didn't even get the one outlaw heart i wanted

So tilted (Just wanted to complain cause that's trendy)

June 30, 2016

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I told myself I would only allow 3 spins and that's it
The only valuable thing I got were some tyrant altair boots (pirate) and I'm not even sure if those are still worth as much anymore. Any one know?

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@rtyu: since nexon sponsors some basils events and are an avid follower of this site, as a site creator it doesn't look good to have your site be full of hate and resentment towards your sponsors. It's nothing personal

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And all for a bunch of pictures/pixels.
Looks like Nexon had the last laugh. It seems they're still rekt-ing people any way they can.

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Lucky dude! Battleroid male is my most wanted item this time. Im gonna use 200k too. Be grateful you got something great at least f3. Maybe you can trade it and some mesos for an outlaw heart.

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git gud (Just wanted to say that because that's trendy)

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huehuehuehue (just want to say that cuz thats trendy)

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