Help me choose an explorer Hey guys! Today, I want to make a new explorer as a main but I have no idea which :P I want to make an explorer because then I can transfer my perm NX and not worry about more perm NX clothes. That probably sounds a little henehoe-ish but I also got a permanent pet so... Anyways, I would like an explorer with this: (including Jett, Cannoneer and Dual Blade) - Fun (Doesn't spam one button) - Combos - Strong - Good bosser - Preference, cheap - A class I won't get bored of soon :) - Variety


Goodbye Scania Well, like the title says... I'm quitting Scania I'm starting fresh on a new server with a few friends irl (Bera). This 3 years in Scania have been amazing to me and I really apreciate it :) Thanks to everyone that has supported me so far :D I want to give a special thanks to: Mikayla, David, Jacky, omg so many people haha :) Don't worry! I won't lose contact to you guys, we just won't talk as much haha BTW EVERYONE! If you want to start totally fresh with me PM me on basil :D

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