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Awk thing I did in my childhood My first ever character in maplestory was ''Xidole'' I was probably 7 or 9 years old, I dont know why but people would often call me XdiIdo back then it wasn't censored, I didn't know what it meant but I thought it was cool, after I got to level 40 I decided to create a new character... Yes. I named it xDiIdo I played it 3 months nonstop to reach level 30... Even my brother laughed at me when he saw it. Now I know why people kept WTF ing LOL ing at me. MAAAAAN. Thanks for making dumb threads that make me remember my silly childhood


Did you play Maplestory 2? is it good? Recently I got tired of LoL (Perma ban lel), I don't like depending on other 4 retards to win a game 1 hour long, its dumb. Today I was cooking and was like... where I put the pan lid, and then the godlike panlid shield came to my mind, so when I finished I googled ''Maplestory pan lid'', and felt so much nostalgia when I saw all those pre big bang pictures, the world was limited to Hunting ground, pig beach, mushroom tree, and Ant tunnel... then I scrolled way too much and Maplestory 2 pics started appearing, doesn't look that good IMO like Ms did when I was a child... I remember I would get so excited just to kill mushrooms and listening to ''missing you'' on that tree, loved old MS ennviroment But s

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Mega old Maple Players come here Dear Ancient Players: Hi, back when videos like Thangdinh275, Mapleheroes by Dray86 and those silly Maplestory KFC videos were popular, about 10 years ago there was this video of KMS showing the new 4th job skills (Only for the original 4 classes), it was all in Korean the music was from S.H.E Superstar... and there was a similar one but with other korean song I dont remember the name, but still have the lyrics in my memory... which I really cant type... Maybe it was the same video with 2 songs... whatever I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone by any impossible chance have that video on their mega old playlist? Im trying to find it but its filled with omg 4th job kinesis AB mercedes omfg kawaii ...Yeah I su

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