did anyone watch Justice League vs TTs?

Why is this lore different to the Teen titans story in CN?

Wtf is this crap I just watched

Why is it so off

Wtf what a waste of 1:20 hours of my life

Omfg someone explain why is everything so different

Fqing @beefly I swear hes the most annoying piece of husbanduru always ruining everything


May 14, 2017

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@andreaverilia: o ok sry sweetie

i dont think teen titans on CN even finished.

Reply May 14, 2017

@beefly: Oh.
Explain yourself next time pls. dont waste space in the comments dis is srs and I need answers.

Reply May 14, 2017

@beefly: wtf?

I dont understand your comment
Or this thing
Or why u bet I looked cute
wtf is this I dont understand

Reply May 14, 2017

omg i bet you looked so cute watching it

Reply May 14, 2017