Someone gave me a letter

It was weird, in summary it said "Never give up"

The thing is that it had two drawings of me.

Some anonymous person gave me it

Idk how to feel

Physical letter removed because of reasons

If youre out there. Ty ill post it in La papa soon O.o

May 22, 2017

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Sounds like you have a secret admirer.

Reply May 25, 2017

@andreaverilia: So you're not a female. Wasn't expecting much but eh. Anyway, is the person giving you the letter a male or female? This letter seems more like a love letter, although worded in a very indirect way. There's a small chance the it's just a friendly letter if the person gave you was personalized in a specific way in his / her life and that somehow made him / her someone who can only be seen in dramatic shows, but we can't be sure of that since the information we have about that person is way too little unless you want to share all the private matters out. But then it seems like you don't even know him since you titled him / her as anonymous.

All I can say is, that very person may become one of the major turning points in your life, or just a very large leaf that had scrapped through your vision; it's significant to make you notice it, but you chose to not bother it in the end. It depends on how you want to handle it yourself to be honest. Either do it as the letter says, or find that very someone and gets to know him / her.

There might be a very small chance, and I meant, 0.000000001% that this may be some evil revenge plot of pain and betrayal as well, reeling in the fish before you're made into a plate of elegantly displayed sashimi, though. Your call anyway.

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@animus: The letter reads:
I hope you're having a beautiful day.
I've seen you sometimes and for some reason I feel like I know you
Either way I only wanted to wish you a nice day and I hope all your effort and study is going well.
Its weird and I even feel so sorry if this is unconfortable, im sorry for drawing you without your concent, I wont make you feel unconfortable again.
Never stress too much, everything will pass, everythis has it's reason to be, if some time you feel drowned, I hope you think of all those people who love you and in the marvelous person you are (because we all have something marvelous within) and if you're ok (now and in the future) !Great!, I wish you much success in everything.
Sincerely: Med student.

And then the two drawings are literally how I look while reading, im always studying with music lol.

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Maybe he thought you're acting hopelessly in Basil, as if you're giving yourself up since you go as low as you can. Maybe he's scared that you've suicidal thoughts. Or maybe it was meant for someone else but that person don't need it anymore and found you depressing enough for the same sympathy. Maybe it's just a truth or dare, or prank, or something else. We don't know for sure, even less so when you summarized all of the long texts into "never give up".

Anyway, just appreciate the letter. It's sort of rare these days. Letters sure did dig up my past memories though.

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