Mega old Maple Players come here

Dear Ancient Players:
Hi, back when videos like Thangdinh275, Mapleheroes by Dray86 and those silly Maplestory KFC videos were popular, about 10 years ago there was this video of KMS showing the new 4th job skills (Only for the original 4 classes), it was all in Korean the music was from S.H.E Superstar... and there was a similar one but with other korean song I dont remember the name, but still have the lyrics in my memory... which I really cant type... Maybe it was the same video with 2 songs... whatever I cannot find it anywhere.
Does anyone by any impossible chance have that video on their mega old playlist?
Im trying to find it but its filled with omg 4th job kinesis AB mercedes omfg kawaii
...Yeah I suddenly woke up with a flashback, remembered all those videos as the source of my old favorite songs.

June 11, 2017

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S.H.E was big back in the days, as well as Jay Chou and many other hot Taiwanese artists. Superstar is some of the most overrated songs among Asians it's almost comparable to that Bring Me To Life or Numb song that all the cool white kids used to listen to. But I think most ppl are more familiar with anime music than Taiwanese. Kpop didn't become popular among overseas Asians or even SEAs until 2008 or 2009-something so mostly only Koreans knew the Korean artists before that time. The first ever Korean songs I've (PROBABLY) heard in Maple videos are Please Tell my Why by Freestyle or One by Epik High.

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I'm still alive, 2006 woot woot!

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Don't dwell too much in the past

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@hmongshaman: I think he / she assumed that kpop is what Asian like the most. But honestly kpop wasn't a big thing during 2000's though.

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@andreaverilia: Nah its cool, the reason why I know is because I'm familiar with some of their songs through the Chinese fighting movie and wuxia drama I watched. I'm not sure what you're talking about for that last part but w/e.

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@hmongshaman: Sorry, not much into this asian stuff, and since people are obsessed with korean I supposed they were...

IMO asians are all the same.

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Isn't S.H.E. chinese? LMAO... doo doo doo doooooooo do mentos the freshmaker

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Oh god Thangdinh... memories

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pretty sure this is it

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Is this the one?

Or are you talking about the ones like these?

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