Did you play Maplestory 2? is it good?

Recently I got tired of LoL (Perma ban lel), I don't like depending on other 4 retards to win a game 1 hour long, its dumb.
Today I was cooking and was like... where I put the pan lid, and then the godlike panlid shield came to my mind, so when I finished I googled ''Maplestory pan lid'', and felt so much nostalgia when I saw all those pre big bang pictures, the world was limited to Hunting ground, pig beach, mushroom tree, and Ant tunnel... then I scrolled way too much and Maplestory 2 pics started appearing, doesn't look that good IMO like Ms did when I was a child... I remember I would get so excited just to kill mushrooms and listening to ''missing you'' on that tree, loved old MS ennviroment

But starting a game from Beta is what calls my attention
I read Global version will be released somewhere in november this year.
And if Nexon/Wizet ever did anything right, was making a social platform-fighting game. which also has a point in favor by me

What I LOVE from beta is that the world is very limited, so the gap between players isn't that big

July 19, 2017

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I never got farther than making a character during the brief experience I had with it.
Still, looking forward to trying it out again in English if it Nexon really is still preparing to release it in North America.

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@xylyls: If you can find that article please post it. However, I think that sort of news would be all over the place. It's just as big of a news as MS2 releasing in NA soon. I have done my fair of research and I haven't read anything of that sort. The only thing I found is that they are indeed hiring a development manager and other positions. It's also already in China and I believe it will soon go to Japan sometime after. I have a feeling we might get some news sometime after Christmas or at least I hope something new will come out by then. As it's been close to 3 years now since it came out in Korea.

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Haven't played it, but it certainly looks good.

All I can say is that, if MS2 were that profitable or that big of a deal in Korea and other territories thus far, there would be further incentive for Nexon to try to push out a version that is accessible here ASAP. A company like Nexon has the resources to develop and release that version if they wanted to at this point, since it's already been two years and ongoing. There doesn't seem to be that rush, however. So far things still feel tentative, but I would definitely try it out if it came out here.

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@zcrimsyn: Didn't try to come off as that, apologies. What I mean by it flopping is that it didn't really live up to the expectations that it had going for it. It didn't get much recognition after the beta launches as well as the opening launch. I just hope that the marketing team really ramps it up if the game is released to NA. Could have sworn that there was an article I read stating that due to the lower numbers in Korea, the game would not come overseas.

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@xylyls: Well my apologies but the way you posted in your first post sounded like you disliked the game very much. Anyways though to correct your post the game hasn't flopped yet. If it was a flop they would have shut down the game by now or the population of the game wouldn't be that big. I still log in and see a lot of players in the game. Just not as much as it was when it was open beta. The updates are running slow in MS2 and really arn't that special. Hence the reason why the population had died down. The game is still doing well and it has already made it's way to China. NA is hiring a development manager already for it. So the game is doing well enough that it's making outside of Korea.

Also keep in mind GMS2 will be a lot different than KMS2 in the sense that it's a brand new adventurer and more players will be able to understand the game since it's in English. We really don't know how good or bad the game will do in NA until it hits us. KMS1 has a far larger playerbase than GMS1 does and still doing well. Where as GMS1 is a low population and needs to have multiple server merges and is basically running on it's last lifeline right now. Different demographics in each country. So many things can happen.

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@zcrimsyn: Hate MS2? I played it on the Korean Servers. Where did I specify that I hated it? I quite enjoyed the game to be honest, more so than I do regular Maplestory. Please stop putting words in my mouth.

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@xylyls: Idk what you're talking about. It may have not been "better" than MS1 in Korea but it definitly is not a flop. I still have my KMS2 account and it has a decent playerbase and updates are still going. Also NA is definitly going to get the game. We just don't know when. They are already hiring a development manager for the game so it be pretty damn pointless for them to start the hiring process if they arn't going to bring the game over. Again just bc you hate MS2 (most likely bc of stupid nostalgia reasons. You're probably a person who prefers pre-bb over the current MS too.) does not mean it's a flop of a game. It's doing well enough that it's still going on in Korea and China right now.

To the tread starter. MS2 is a damn fun game in my opinion. To me it's a lot better than the current MS just because it has so much more to do in the game and actually requires skill instead of paying 1000s of dollars to get max range. It has actually raids and pqs/dungeons that are meaningful compared to the lackluster community we have in MS1 right now. However, it does have some cons in the game. The game is more oriented toward the social aspect instead of a mmorpg game right now and the updates are pretty slow. It's also started to release new classes so early in the game that they promised they wouldn't be doing for a long time.

So we will see how the game really ends up doing in the long run. It may never over take MS1 but it's definitely not going to shut down anytime soon. What I enjoy the most is you can make your own "NX" and gain "NX"(merits) through game means by selling your clothing designs. Also MS2 really brings out community and requires team work. Something MS1 has been lacking for years now. MS1 is more of a solo game right now and MS2 is more of a social type of game with a bit of mmo in it. It still has the long grinds and epic bosses but it's just not the main focus of the game. I think they should start working on that aspect more than the social aspect right now.

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i'll have whatever you're smoking.

MS2 was a flop in Korea and will probably never make it to NA.

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