Which cape should I pick?

I'm unsure which one should I pick out of these two capes. I sort of prefer Luminous Memory Cape as a whole but its pattern on the back is a little weird. I do like the fact that the gold pattern of the cape match the gold marble of the Nocturnal Staff though, just that the pattern looks somewhat weird but maybe it is just me. Fensalir Cape's back is really awesome but the idle and alert stance is rather weird as it's curved in instead of out. Luminous Memory Cape also seems to strike a little more balance in shading as it's more of a silver colour and it brings attention more to the Nocturnal Staff while the Fensalir Cape does fit the whole outfit perfectly, blending everything else into a single piece.

Anyway, here's the the image.

June 10, 2017

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@gekkegerrit: Fusion anvil.
@lithemovement: I only use one pet so it pretty much cover up my back when I'm climbing. There isn't much black capes around though, most of them are way too short to be called as a cape. I've thought about the Maple Anniversary Treasure Cape or something but the purple tint is way too strong.

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Something is off about the Luminous cape, but the Fensalir cape is a little boring. I'd pick Fensalir, for some reason I think climbing up ropes would look better with that one. I agree though that they're quite similar overall and in the thick of things you wouldn't notice much of a difference.

Reply June 10, 2017

dont you loose on set bonus if you dont take the pensalir cape ? The visuals dont differ that much.

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