Not sure if there is still anyone out there but

Recently I took a liking to Ice Lightning Mage but I've some questions.

1) +1 Attack Speed or 50% Buff Duration as inner ability? I've seen that the most "recent" thread has most of the users recommend 50% Buff Duration over +1 Attack Speed but I'm unsure how true is it for today.
2) Should I fret myself and fill up the Critical Rate area in Maple Union to achieve 100% Critical Rate? I understand that Critical Damage is the strong point of Ice Lightning Mage but should I worry much about other damage sources' critical rate like Elquines, Blizzard's Final Attack and maybe Thunderstorm, since Frozen Orb and Chain Lightning has higher innate critical rate? Is 75%~80% of Critical Rate sufficient?
3) Is Thunder Break (2nd 5th job skill) worth investing for bossing, especially for mobile ones?

June 16, 2017

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1) I honestly don't notice much of a difference when using Decent SI, I imagine just AS+1 would be similar. Maybe if you had both or other ways to boost your speed, it would be a bit more noticeable. I like the longer Infinity/Terms and less frequent buffing. Could go with either one though, whichever you roll first.

2) Personally, I stopped at 80% because that gives both CL and FO (if you get the +20% crit hyper) 100% crit rate, and you'll likely be using those most of the time. If you can push yourself to 100%, great, but if not, 75-80 is okay.

3) No idea, since we don't have this in GMS just yet.

Reply June 20, 2017