Choosing between Mercedes and Wind Archer

Ola peeps, I'm planning on making the transition to a Bowman, I've reached my goal on capping on all the explorer thief classes so now I wanna go to my next favorite classes.

So, between Mercedes and Wind Archer, which are better at bossing, which have better buffs for bossing and in your opinion which will be better in the long run, post damage cap removal.

I like both, but don't wanna fund both So I'll play what I like, just need an idea before I make/purchase weapons/secondaries.

Thanks guys!

November 11, 2016

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Training Mercedes is pretty fun at certain maps. Once you find your rhythm in a map its just so amazing crossing the map and attacking the entire time while you traverse the map and platforms.

Wind Archer is very basic probably on par with marksman for the least mechanical class. So if you want an easy time doing bosses then yeah pick that.

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In my opinion, a Mercedes is just a faster Shadower when you play a shadower without flashjump, which was originally Nightlord only,So the mercedes would be my pick if I had to pick between the wind archer and the mercedes since if I made a cygnus knight for the cygnus of knight skill, the NW is still stronger than NL in terms of DPM.

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@okaythen: Thanks, I really like Mercedes but yeah might as well go with Wind Archer, weapon and secondary is easier to find it seems. Thanks for the detailed answer!

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Wind Archer is definitely stronger especially with 5th job. Though, they have lots of buffs they need to use which is pretty annoying ( disgusting...) and are unable to move/jump while using hurricane (however, you can jump cast to get a bit of movement at the start of hurricane and also repeatedly tap the hurricane key while moving. You'll lose a bit of dps but not by a whole lot).
Their hurricane does mob which can be really handy for bosses that summon stuff that get in the way such as vellum's tails or the flying robots in 1st stage lotus. WA has a really good final attack but it is buggy and doesn't trigger on some bosses for some reason and it also has to travel to the actual monster itself, so if the boss has iframes of any sort, expect to lose a lot of dps.
WA has very little def ignore, but seeing as you can cap on thieves, I assume it shouldn't be an issue.

Mercedes is weaker than Wind Archer but has a hurricane where you can jump and move which is super helpful for bosses that require you to move a lot. They have less buffs than WA but do need to combo every now and again for ignis stacks.
You'll have to cast debuffs on bosses to maximise your damage output as well but you can easily find openings to use them without much loss of dps like when mobs get in the way or the boss goes into hiding, etc.

In short, both are great, it all depends on what kind of bosses are released in the future.
Mercedes will be better in the long run if we get more bosses like lucid, so bosses that require you to move around A LOT.
Wind Archer will be better in the long run if we get bosses like damien, lotus, so everything that isn't lucid.

...what is the point of asking this question when everyone chooses Wind Archer in the end anyway?

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