Question About Character Cards I don't remember when but I remember someone talking about character cards effecting characters on DIFFERENT world among the merged servers. Now that my server is merged, I want to know if this actually works. For example, if I get 3 S rank stacks on GAZED (so 15 S rank sets), would I receive the buff on my characters on Renegade? Also, would I just get the set effect or would I get individual effects as well? I did confirm myself that character card sets effect different world by making a character on Galicia, but what I want to know, is if same kind of cards on different world's deck effects single character- like whether Beast Tamer card in Renegade and Beast Tamer card in Galicia stacks on my main in Reneg


Your luck with css I am sure many of have suffered with slating, and I was just wondering what you guys' worst and best runs are. Here is mine: Worst- 34 slates on one slot, and then 22 on next slot. I was slating Fafnir Perry Talon after failing two 50% hammers. I could've used victorious hammer and saved alot of money.. but i took the risk and boom there it goes. Best- 4 slots back with 7 slates. I was scrolling my reinforced ring, had bad luck with scrolls.. but then those css run made it up for it, and i passed 4 gollux scrolls in a row! share yours and happy mapling :)

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