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This newb took the name I want

[url=] [/url]

0 March 18, 2013

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As much as this thread is pointless, I'd like to see people lose the names they're holding just to be asshats. It would be nice if characters that haven't logged in for over a year got an email notice: "Please log into your character in the next 60 days if you plan on keeping your name. Otherwise you will be directed to make a new name upon your next login afterward." This would free up all the dinks that kept the best names but never, ever played the characters and eliminate 90% of the IGN selling. It's way more fair that way. Someone's had my original IGN for 7+ years in Windia and never done a damn thing with it. I deleted the character to remake it later. A few days later, someone had taken it and I though, meh, wth, my bad. 7+ years later though, looking at a level 12 mule that's never been touched, I don't feel so forgiving about it.

Reply March 18, 2013

this guys is older than you your the noob in comparison

Reply March 18, 2013

[quote=killerxohappy][url=] [/url][/quote]

dis newb cant even do urls .

Reply March 18, 2013

You can always use "SoSiCk1234"

Reply March 18, 2013

We were all newbs at some point, you know.

Reply March 18, 2013

[quote=ThaChampion]@AngleEstoth: Mmmm yes. PURPLE [/quote]
My purple senses are tingling

Reply March 18, 2013

lol, ikr

Reply March 18, 2013

[quote=ThaChampion]Lol.... -looks at OP- o.0[/quote]

dude you are really purple.

Reply March 18, 2013

[quote=fireboy618]i guess everyone who played maple around the 1st month when it came out is a newb ....[/quote]

Lol.... -looks at OP- o.0

Reply March 18, 2013

or as he puts it. "this newb wants the name i have" its a matter of perspective

Reply March 18, 2013

i guess everyone who played maple around the 1st month when it came out is a newb ....

Reply March 18, 2013

They probably had it longer than the moment you thought of it and tried to claim it .-.
Oh btw, first read title as bewb instead of newb .-.

Reply March 18, 2013 - edited