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Getting a Guide Stickied I've been seeing a few people complaining that there are not enough up to date guides here on basil (which I agree with). I wrote a guide to help solve that problem slowly (I may even write more guides if im bored...). Does anyone know the steps it takes to getting a guide stickied? For anyone curious heres my guide [url=][/url]. (I am well aware of the fact that a beginner guide wont help a LOT of people but, it will help a few, and as I said I may write more guides)


Beginner Training Guide [b][header]Beginner Introduction[/header][/b] A permanent beginner is a Mapler who never job advances and stays as a Beginner, Noblesse, Legend, or Citizen. There are other Beginner subclasses such as Campers, Islanders, Roadies, etc. Choosing to become a permanent beginner is a very controversial decision. Why become a character that has no skills, limited equipment choices, and low attack strength? Well, there are a few reasons; they're different and they're cool, but just in case you're not convinced here is a pro/con list. [b]Pros:[/b] [*] They do not lose EXP when you die. That means you can do things like reach towns by dying halfway during the trip, and explore high-level areas without risk. [*] They are uniqu