Mistah Kurtz. We are dead. I - Alisa amp stoker REVOKE this

December 16, 2016

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ok bye

Reply December 19, 2016

Is this the fabled inside joke? Because I'm surely not very much inside this. Maybe just the tip.

Reply December 19, 2016

You're all lame. I revoke my declaration to leave because I want to press buttons and annoy people.

I experienced a few days of weakness...distressing the essence of 'me'...I wondered.......these people, I should fold and move one. Then I decided this, I can't leave something I grew up with for my whole life...good or bad. You all deserve me and I deserve not you - but to correct u. And I will.

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You guys are super lame.

Reply December 17, 2016 - edited

You guys are really lame.

Reply December 17, 2016 - edited

Not happy, but I'm not sad. U guys needed a break. Seeya in the hidden place?

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