Can someone tell me

what time the June 9th update starts and ends for Aussies on the east side (melb,syd,bris)?
I can't get on the maple website for some reason >.<

June 8, 2015

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@WhoaMomma1: No I didnt know what time it starts, I cant get on the site. Also I have reasons as to why I need to get on as soon as the update is finished

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No official notice/announcement on the site yet. Everyone loses their mind.
Just be patient
If they choose to do it at 7am tomorrow then it'd be on the 10th of June at 12am.

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When the kangaroos start to head west

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There is no official notice/announcement on the Maple website, aside from the hinted "all day maintenance" in the server merge.
If so
(Sydney) 5pm on Tuesday to 5pm on Wednesday.

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