Id advise against

making all these buying and selling threads, as Nexon could possibly be on the prowl on basil to ban ya's

October 16, 2015

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@endurance: There's nothing in the ToS against trading an IGN... sure you can get "scammed" but that doesn't make it a bannable offense. I"m not supporting it I'm just sayin', if there's no cash transaction going on or anything of the sort then it's not breaking the rules.

Reply October 16, 2015

all those ign's listed here on basil will be searched up individually by nexon corp, they will check if their on 1 acct and ban accordingly.. i suggest everyone shut up until october 22nd

Reply October 16, 2015

@timebiscuits: dude shes all weeby she prob looks like susan boyle

Reply October 16, 2015

^ you're cute so it is an exception

Reply October 16, 2015

yes but i'm a desperate girl but sadly i'm not seeing weeb igns kms

Reply October 16, 2015

Mostly it is just people who really really really want an ign is willing to buy it. However mostly is just trading so we good.

Unless we trade mesos for a ign >

Reply October 16, 2015

most are trading threads
which is perfectly fine

Reply October 16, 2015