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experiences with tinder, bumble etc i'm curious to hear if anyone has any interesting stories from using dating apps like tinder. reason being i've always been pretty ambivalent about them; i've had tinder for 3 years and in two different cities but i've matched with less than 200 people (that's including both guys AND girls, mind) + spoken with maybe 10 of them, of which all were very awkward conversations & never led to anything. furthermore, i've been using okcupid for even longer, and in fact my most recent relationship was with someone i met off okc but i grew unhappy in it real quick, and to top it all off she cheated on me lol. however! i had my first ever tinder date tonight and it actually went kinda well. we met in a pub near my a

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EMS community question mark thanks basil market for the great thread title formatting options hi y'all, was just wondering if there's anyone who still plays EMS on this dang web sight, or if there's some other secret place where EMS people talk or something? i just got kicked off GMS by The Man, so i decided to start fresh on EMS but i really don't like playing without anyone to talk to. if there are any fellow europens out there with a free spot in their guild/buddy list for little ol me, hit me up! cheer's


most friendly/communal server so i've just returned to MS after a couple years on a completely fresh account, and i was wondering if there was any particular server which is known for having a decent, friendly community? i've been playing in reboot for a day or two and it's plenty busy but in my experience people aren't all that talkative/friendly. i'm not super attached to playing in reboot - only reason i picked it was because i knew it was the most popular, assuming that that would mean the highest chance of finding friends/guilds - so if any of you have positive experiences with certain worlds being especially community-focused and welcoming to scrubs, i'd appreciate it if you could let me know! i like playing this game well enough but

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old, unused GMS accounts hi guys, i know the title sounds fishy but please hear me out! i'm a GMS player who lives in the UK, which means that i can't play the game with new accounts of my own, nor with newly-made accounts created using american IPs because of the european IP block implemented in around 2007. in order to play the game, i have to use an old account which was made before this IP block. i played GMS this way for years on an account given to me by a friend, but unfortunately i lost access to the account after quitting for a while & couldn't reset the details, as my friend couldn't remember the email address he signed up with. recently, someone from this website generously offered me their account which seemed old enough to

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Mario Kart 8 Thread hello there. it's me, audio. you might remember me from such threads as the [url=]Mario Kart 7 thread[/url]way back in 2011, but you probably won't because barely anyone had a 3DS at that point and the community room was only really active for like 2 days. anyway since Mario Kart 8 is only a few weeks away and i'm having trouble controlling my hype, i figured i might as well make an equally ill-fated followup thread! feel free to discuss anything MK8-related here, post your NNIDs, etc. basically i'm just trying to gauge interest for potential future basilmarket tournaments, but i'm not expecting more than like 3 people to own a Wii U in the first place. that will change in the futu

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Mario Kart 7 Thread welcome to the BasilMarket Mario Kart 7 thread! here, you can discuss everything about Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS and find new friends to race and battle with. now that Christmas has been and gone, I'm hoping that enough of you have gotten your mitts on a copy of Mario Kart 7 to warrant a discussion thread. if you don't have a copy of the game yet but you do have a 3DS, I strongly recommend getting this game - the fun is almost literally endless, and I can guarantee you'll be playing this one for years (or at least until the release of the next MK title). we also have a BasilMarket MK7 Community set up! using this feature, you can race against up to 7 other members of the Community without having to add a single friend cod

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old, unused gMS accounts. i'm a gMS player that lives in the UK. that means that i can't play the game with new accounts of my own, nor with newly-made accounts created using american IPs because of the IP block implemented in around 2007. in order to play the game, i have to use an old account that was made before this IP block, and so i have done for years (kindly given to me by someone who did not play the game anymore). they have recently started to use their account again, however (which is fine by me - i'm grateful that i could use it for so long), so now i'm stuck without a means to play the game. basically, i'm looking for someone who is in possession of an old account that they don't use anymore and that they wouldn't mind giving t