experiences with tinder, bumble etc

i'm curious to hear if anyone has any interesting stories from using dating apps like tinder. reason being i've always been pretty ambivalent about them; i've had tinder for 3 years and in two different cities but i've matched with less than 200 people (that's including both guys AND girls, mind) + spoken with maybe 10 of them, of which all were very awkward conversations & never led to anything. furthermore, i've been using okcupid for even longer, and in fact my most recent relationship was with someone i met off okc but i grew unhappy in it real quick, and to top it all off she cheated on me lol.

however! i had my first ever tinder date tonight and it actually went kinda well. we met in a pub near my apartment and talked about kanye west + dogs a bunch. got plans to meet again on tuesday bc it's my birthday

so i'd like to know if any of y'all have had any fun experiences using dating apps. love stories? horror stories? any truth to the rumours of casual sex? lemme know in the comments down below bro's

April 24, 2016

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no fats
no fems
no asians
grindr sucks

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tinder is full of overweight females who think they are attractive since the guys using it are desperate and just want to savage some downstairs. Bumble is full of weird looking people who dont know they are weird looking.

i recommend just playing maplestory and watching streams or youtube

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@fradddd: that's one of the major reasons why i got it dude. i relish seeing different/more vulnerable sides of my friends

but for real if you'd be embarrassed by your friends seeing yr dating profile you need to get better friends (or get better at making profiles). in my experience friends usually help each other craft their 'ideal' profiles

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how come people dont worry about coming across people they're friends with irl

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Tried out Tinder for a few days, got a match. She was real awkward, though. Judging from her Instagram, she's one of those celeb boy-obsessed girls. "Nope." I see things developing with someone I actually know instead.

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@xfallingdreams: Ahh yes, pixelated characters are great for mate selection

Lol i tried tinder for like a week?, got few matches and talked with them for a bit. It never went anywhere because i deleted it thinking it was a waste of time. I remember I was so nervous thinking that I can only login via my fb.

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Everything I've heard about Tinder sounds toxic for humans. That being said, I wouldn't be as harsh about it as the dude up there. Hope you find what you're looking for on it.

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@stoker: dunno what i've ever done to you but ok. sorry for existing and taking an interest in other people's lives i guess? have you got anything actually relevant to contribute

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Tbh, I see Maple as a dating app now.

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@stoker: you're one cool dude

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