most friendly/communal server

so i've just returned to MS after a couple years on a completely fresh account, and i was wondering if there was any particular server which is known for having a decent, friendly community?

i've been playing in reboot for a day or two and it's plenty busy but in my experience people aren't all that talkative/friendly. i'm not super attached to playing in reboot - only reason i picked it was because i knew it was the most popular, assuming that that would mean the highest chance of finding friends/guilds - so if any of you have positive experiences with certain worlds being especially community-focused and welcoming to scrubs, i'd appreciate it if you could let me know!
i like playing this game well enough but the thing i'm looking for most is some cool people to train with/help me understand all the new stuff in the game, so yeah. basically i'm looking for some server recommendations or, alternatively, friends

p.s. i get that using the term 'good community' in the same sentence as maplestory is hilarious, but my thinking is that there must be at least one person on at least one server that would be willing to just talk crap w/ me while we play

January 31, 2016

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Mybckn is nice :^)

Reply February 1, 2016

In Reboot, it may just be because people are trying to grind to level up and get as much out of 2x as they possibly can.

I'm in a guild "Bars" on Reboot and most of us are active and none of us are mean. My username is TSBDyzer. Add me if you want someone to level with or just want someone to talk to sometimes.

Reply February 1, 2016

@audio: Buddy my main (Verdancy) if you do decide to come

Reply February 1, 2016

scania/reboot = more people = more chance to meet nice ppl
but on flipside more chance to meet mean ppl

Reply February 1, 2016

@helpingly: cool! i actually used to play on bera way back in the day when the semi-official BasilMarket guild was established in bera, although i definitely remember it being a whole lot busier back then hahah. i may take you up on that offer!

Reply February 1, 2016

Hello. I'm from Bera and although it isn't the most populated, the people here are pretty nice.

You're welcome to come and join us here in you like. I have a friendly guild (not technically mine, I'm just a member of it) just waiting to accept active/friendly/talkative people

Reply February 1, 2016

It's not the server that matters, it's the players you meet.

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