old, unused gMS accounts.

i'm a gMS player that lives in the UK. that means that i can't play the game with new accounts of my own, nor with newly-made accounts created using american IPs because of the IP block implemented in around 2007. in order to play the game, i have to use an old account that was made before this IP block, and so i have done for years (kindly given to me by someone who did not play the game anymore). they have recently started to use their account again, however (which is fine by me - i'm grateful that i could use it for so long), so now i'm stuck without a means to play the game.

basically, i'm looking for someone who is in possession of an old account that they don't use anymore and that they wouldn't mind giving to a complete stranger. this might sound like a cheap scam attempt, but i assure you, it's not. i would insist that you change the details of your account to the extent that no aspects of it match your current one before you give it to me, so that you can rest assured i won't try to hack you or something.

if you've got an account that you think might work and that you wouldn't mind giving away, i'd be eternally thankful if you could send me a PM. thank you.
(p.s. sheriffs - if this is breaking a rule somehow, please feel free to simply delete the thread as opposed to banning me. i understand that asking people for their accounts is almost always part of a scam attempt, but this isn't. thanks).

December 8, 2010