old, unused GMS accounts

hi guys, i know the title sounds fishy but please hear me out!

i'm a GMS player who lives in the UK, which means that i can't play the game with new accounts of my own, nor with newly-made accounts created using american IPs because of the european IP block implemented in around 2007. in order to play the game, i have to use an old account which was made before this IP block.

i played GMS this way for years on an account given to me by a friend, but unfortunately i lost access to the account after quitting for a while & couldn't reset the details, as my friend couldn't remember the email address he signed up with. recently, someone from this website generously offered me their account which seemed old enough to work, as i was able to log in and play on it for around a month with no issues. however, after a maintenance patch, i was unable to access the game any further than the world select screen. after repairing my install, reinstalling the game from scratch etc., i sent a ticket to nexon about it. [url=]this[/url] was their response. essentially, i guess someone at nexon noticed that i was playing from the UK and decided "actually, that account isn't old enough for my liking after all, better just block him without any warning or explanation as to how he was able to play for a month if the account wasn't old enough in the first place".

so, now i'm stuck without any means of playing the game again. basically, i'm looking for someone who might be in possession of an old account that they [b]don't use anymore[/b] and that they wouldn't mind giving to a complete stranger. this might sound like a cheap scam attempt, but i assure you, it's not. i would [b]insist[/b] that you change the details of your account to the extent that no aspects of it match your current one before you give it to me, so that you can rest assured i won't try to hack you or something. if you really wanted, i could even ask the last guy who gave me his account to reassure you that i'm not some petty scammer.

if you've got an account that you think might work and that you wouldn't mind giving away (or we could come to some sort of arrangement), i'd be super grateful if you could send me a PM. thank you!

p.s. mods - if you're unhappy with this, please feel free to simply delete the thread as opposed to banning me. i understand that asking people for their accounts is almost always part of a scam attempt, but this isn't. thanks
p.p.s. i get that i could use a proxy, but my ping is already terrible enough - using a proxy creates pretty much unbearable lag for me. plus, if the proxy ever stops working or something, all the work that i put into the account would be gone like that. i'd rather not risk using something so unreliable

January 24, 2016