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Mario Kart 7 Thread welcome to the BasilMarket Mario Kart 7 thread! here, you can discuss everything about Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS and find new friends to race and battle with. now that Christmas has been and gone, I'm hoping that enough of you have gotten your mitts on a copy of Mario Kart 7 to warrant a discussion thread. if you don't have a copy of the game yet but you do have a 3DS, I strongly recommend getting this game - the fun is almost literally endless, and I can guarantee you'll be playing this one for years (or at least until the release of the next MK title). we also have a BasilMarket MK7 Community set up! using this feature, you can race against up to 7 other members of the Community without having to add a single friend cod

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experiences with tinder, bumble etc i'm curious to hear if anyone has any interesting stories from using dating apps like tinder. reason being i've always been pretty ambivalent about them; i've had tinder for 3 years and in two different cities but i've matched with less than 200 people (that's including both guys AND girls, mind) + spoken with maybe 10 of them, of which all were very awkward conversations & never led to anything. furthermore, i've been using okcupid for even longer, and in fact my most recent relationship was with someone i met off okc but i grew unhappy in it real quick, and to top it all off she cheated on me lol. however! i had my first ever tinder date tonight and it actually went kinda well. we met in a pub near my a