Did we get buffed?

Hi there...
on the last update patch note I saw that: "Advanced Charge: Increased attack count."
I wanted to ask what does this ACTUALLY mean, since i dont feel any change....
plus, when looking at 5th job videos, posts etc it seems like we dont get better, only get stuck behind. if that's not the case I'd like to be corrected... does our status get better along the update? :S

October 22, 2016

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@avivi3: We got the extra line with the halloween patch. It's not quite double damage, but per the post above you can basically increase your DPS by quite a bit, more if you have a non-ranged party member.

Reply November 7, 2016

@cashcard15o you mean that NOW we already have 1 line more than we used to to all the charges?
@peachtime: what double dmg are youy talking about? can you please explain?

Reply November 1, 2016

@peachtime: The increased duration is only for the buffs you use onto your linked party member.

"Level 20: Consumes 1000 MP. For 50 seconds, create a holy bond between you and one party member. If they move too far away from you, the bond will be broken. While bonded, the attacking skills you use will be used automatically by the bonded party member, dealing 70% final damage and some buff skills that you use will be used automatically by the bonded party member with 60% + 1% per 1000 STR (up to 100%) of the regular duration. You will also gain 45% final damage yourself while this skill is active. If there are no party members in range, you will just receive the final damage boost. Cooldown: 120 seconds."

Reply October 25, 2016

Our 5th job is probably the least flashiest of all the warriors, but I'll take double damage any day. Not to mention its duration is increased by how much STR you have, which is great considering how most other 5th job skills have long downtime.

Reply October 25, 2016

You get one more line on both your charge skills and Blast so two extra lines in total. So its a buff.
And trust me in 5th job everyone gets better.

Reply October 24, 2016 - edited