New Job Was Always Here? I saw the new class with that chick and noticed she was in edelstein mines but I remember i saw someone else in that tube in the Resistance tutorial and then I found it (Disregard the guy on the left, that was someone else's theory and i couldn't find a better picture) Is Theory is that she was stuck in the tubes and finally broke out that's why you see Edelstein robots at the bottom Granted the "tails" are different but perhaps this is the distinguishing feature between the tails on the male and female versions of thsi class? An actual tail for the male characters and what looks like a (pony)tail for the female characters A bit farfetched but just something i noticed. Ahh, just noticed that in the Inkwell


S/c implemented limit to how many coins you can get from box Yesterday before the server check I opened around 600 boxes total of all three types and got tempest coins at a constant rate After the s/c I along with several others have confirmed that any particular box will give you a max limit of 20 tempest coins before they stop appearing, this is easily seen in ice chests as well as santa boxes. The only box that seems exempt to this limit (so far) is the tempest box. Also, this limit is reset each day.


Is there a list for Box Rewards So for some ridiculous reason we have 3 different box events going on right now and because I have the attention span of a potato I keep confusing what items drop from what. Does anyone have a list of potential rewards from opening certain boxes Like which boxes give tempest coins? I opened like 400 Ice chests and not a single tempest coin came out, same with the Santa Box, only the tempest box gave me coins On top of that when I was on my luminous I opened one set of boxes and received like 5 different 1.5x exp coupons, but today I opened another 200 of those and not a single 1.5x coupon came out.

General Bishop

Heavens Door Hnghhhhhhhhh I just splooged myself. Heaven's Door: The door to Heaven is opened, giving the blessing of life to allies allowing them to revive if they hit 0 HP while punishing up to 15 enemies dealing 1200% damage 8 times. There is a cooldown of 180 seconds. The maximum damage for this skill is 9,999,999. Res + another essentially a Soul Stone skill in the same character. 9600% damage on each enemy * 15 = 144000% damage instantly. On top of that, with the hyper Crit buff bishops will rather easily obtain 100% crit. so that alone gives another 1.2-1.5x multiplier

General Nintendo

Rate my Black/White Pokemon Team It's a rain team that I made recently but haven't had the chance to try it out competitively due to finals week. Politoed Nature: Calm Trait: Drizzle EVs: 252SAtk/252Speed/4 SpDef ~ Hypnosis ~ Focus Blast ~ Scald ~ Ice Beam Thundurus Orb Nature: Timid Trait: Prankster EVs: 6Def/252SpA/252Spe ~ Nasty Plot ~ Thunder ~ Hidden Power [ice] ~ Focus Blast Toxicroak Sludge Nature: Adamant Trait: Dry Skin EVs: 252Speed/252Atk/4 HP ~ Drain Punch ~ Substitue ~ Bulk Up ~ Sucker Punch Ferrothorn Nature: Sassy Trait: Iron Barbs EVs: 252Def/252SpDef/4 HP ~ Spikes ~ Leech Seed ~ Power Whip ~ Thunder Wave Vaporeon Nature: Timid Trait: Hydration EVs: Totally forgot But I think they were split among HP/Def/SpDef ~ Rest ~ Scald

General Fun

Ask an Atheist. I'm a wee bit bored and it is 3:30 in the morning. Anyone have any questions about my beliefs? If you want to PM, feel free. Please don't flame (I felt it necessary to say, even though it will undoubtedly happen and the thread will be closed as a result). Oh, I guess I should put credentials: I am a 19 year old Biology Pre-Med Major at University of California Los Angeles. Not the greatest, but I do have more than vague knowledge on the subject. Definitions: Atheism: The belief that there are no Gods/there is no supernatural overlord. My area of expertise is in Biology, I have no life so all I research are theories of physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

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