So gamers solved AIDs

Not really, but they did something cool.

Better than brawl.

September 20, 2011

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That was extremely annoying to read. The word 'gamers' was used 7 times in that article, including the title... but they're not really gamers. They were university students that were practicing making amino acids on a 3-D Modeling program. Maybe a few like to play puzzle games outside of class world, but they were simply studying.

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[quote=MarxMaster]This is hilarious when you think about how some people think games are for kids.

Guess what? A bunch of kids made a scientific discovery! [/quote]

Lol, they are not kids, more like 17 and older.
and only a handful made a scientific discovery!

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That's good to hear. ^^

But can we really take any credit for it just because we're gamers?

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Gamers treat it like a complex puzzle, and those gamers who love puzzles will love challenges like that. Not surprised it didn't take them very long to figure it out.

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Yeah, I played with that thing. It's kinda boring though.
They should replace captcha with that. progress!

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"It is believed to be the first time that gamers have resolved a long-standing scientific problem."


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boom, head shot!

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Bless counterstrike!

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Lol, just read that today. Gamers are useful after all!

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