Isnt funny how times change

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October 5, 2012

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[quote=angramainyu]On to the next lame nonsense talking point, I guess.[/quote]

#2- Obama stole $716B from seniors by gutting Medicare.

(Backup #3- Obama is giving welfare waivers so people on welfare no longer have to work to get money.)

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I hate how petty most of the debate was, and how they can't discuss real economic policy because Americans are too stupid to understand how it works. They just use flashy key phrases that will stick in the average uninformed person's mind and never really get down to the nitty-gritty. Romney throws around way too many ridiculously exaggerated or just plain WRONG facts, and Obama exaggerated a little on a few, but I bet most viewers just took it all in without a smidgen of doubt.

It makes me really mad that economic policy could ever be swayed by popular opinion. It makes me mad that everyone is always chanting to lower taxes (like that's going to solve America's problems all the time). So many things about American politics infuriate me.

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Lulz @ taking Ben Stein seriously.

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This is why the States shouldn't be a world power.

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TS, you are absolutely right. We should continue to pay $9000 per person on health insurance (vs other countries who spend half of what we do, but still get better quality healthcare and have more choices) and leave 60 million Americans out without insurance to fend for themselves because this is 'Mercuh, and in 'Mercuh, we ignorantly believe we are the best, and completely ignore this thing called "compassion", and "kindness".

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I don't really care for either of them, no vote.

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I don't like Mitt either tho
what to do

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