An I/L Mage, a Hero, and a DK walk into a bar

An I/L Mage, a Hero, and a DK walk into a bar at Universal Studios, and have a great time. Sorry the punch line was stupid. Anyways time to tell a wholesome story. I'm not sure why i'm posting this here. I haven't played MS in years.

Anyways, I started playing MS religiously back in high school. It was around a decade ago. It was just when MMOs were starting to get big and people had no idea how much of a social impact games like that were going to have. My first character was an I/L Mage and it was a great time to play MS. Leveling was insanely hard and level 70 was a huge accomplishment. I met some great people in Broa and we would play together a lot. We would Zakum run and sell helms, train all the time, and have random guild/friends voice chats. It was a great time and I like to think that we all got pretty close. However, back then, it was still considered weird or creepy to have "internet friends" so we tried to not talk about it much irl. Eventually we all stopped playing MS for a while as we applied to colleges.

Somehow, we all decided to play together again for a year in college. I made a DK and was able to hit 200 because I was tired of being bad at bosses on my I/L Mage. My hero friend (who was one of the first heros to hit 200 and has her own NPC) was training a bishop at the time so it was pretty easy for us to train. My other friend was already 200 on his I/L Mage and he decided to make a bunch of random characters just to hang out with the guild (Decadence best guild in Broa haha). Again we all decided to quit because life took priority but we still stayed in touch.

Many years later, the timing just happened to work out and we decided to go to Orlando together for vacation. We now have successful careers (economics, veterinarian, physician) and it was really cool (and kind of strange) to finally be able to meet in real life. This just comes to show that a game as childish and simple as MS can bring people from all different walks of life together. It's not just me too. I knew people on MS who ended up getting married irl, as well as others who ended up meeting up and traveling as well. I know it sounds cheesy, but it really is surprising how some of my closest friends were people I met over MS, and how i'm able to say that I have the privilege of knowing interesting people all over the world.

So I guess my point for this long and probably useless post? MS is full of awesome people so take advantage of it (safely of course, there are still some creepy people).

Bonus pic:

April 15, 2018

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Here's a better one: An I/L Mage, a Hero, and a DK walk into a bar and jump me until my body is beyond repair and I'm no longer recognizable.

Reply May 4, 2018

@xylyls: tmrwww @3 hope u ce ths in tttime

Reply May 4, 2018

Wow, you actually stuck with being a doctor. Gratz.

I share the same sentiments with meeting up with MS friends irl too. It was a little weird seeing them in person at first, but that went away once we started talking.

Thanks for sharing your story. Just too bad browsing this site to relieve nostalgia is a bit depressing in terms of its horrid UI and design.

Reply May 1, 2018

I can't wait for the day I meet some of my favorite maple friends. Awesome story.

Reply April 22, 2018

where's dimo

Reply April 21, 2018

@aznseal welcome back to basil <3

Meeting people online is really cool. Staying safe, of course. Remember the basil meetup that happened years ago?

Reply April 17, 2018

I was browsing an internet board dedicated to discussing politics, and I met the people there irl too.

Reply April 16, 2018

A vet?
I thought you were a hooman doktah

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