How is everyone handling the corona?

I'm so bored. I sort of want to play maple again but then again I don't want to get sucked back in lol.

April 14, 2020

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WFH is pretty great and I didn't care for commencement to begin with. Covid made my last semester of school easier than it should have been.

Reply May 20, 2020

I've been playing WoW, Animal Crossing, and FF14 so far. Also still working and I need to get back to Maple sometime.

Reply May 9, 2020

playing games and trying to maintain a semblance of self worth

Reply May 8, 2020

Was considered essential, so still working, other than that I like the no traffic in the morning.

Reply May 4, 2020

I've been playing Animal Crossing.
I can work from home, so my finances are still safe.

Reply April 29, 2020

@shirly: holy moly glad to see you're still around.

OT : been playing the heck out of animal crossing. and minecraft. Considered an essential employee so doing my best not to get sick

Reply April 24, 2020 - edited

It sucks! I hate it. I miss having a job and going out.

Reply April 23, 2020 - edited

Been playing Persona 5 The Royal, and FFXIV on the occasion. Waiting for this to all blow over.

Reply April 22, 2020 - edited

@audio: how times have changed

Reply April 18, 2020 - edited

the very thought of aznseal being some real person's gynecologist is fascinating to me, so glad i checked this site

Reply April 17, 2020 - edited

covid really bringing back the old timers huh

Reply April 16, 2020 - edited

@chema: gyn is considered elective so basically we canceled all of our cases. i'm only in the OB call pool now

Reply April 15, 2020 - edited

How da füçk YOU find time to be "bored"?

Shouldn't your ass be at your local hospital saving lives?

Reply April 14, 2020 - edited

@dalsia: oh wow someone else in the 5k club

Reply April 14, 2020 - edited

I've been spamming FFXIV 8+ hours a day for like 3 weeks. I haven't gamed like this in years because the quarantine has given me my first extended bit of free time in a long time.

Reply April 14, 2020 - edited

I finally have time to go through backlog of video games.

I still have to go on damn fetch quests in real life because this frick over here always needs something from Walmart or elsewhere.

There's nothing to do on MapleStory after getting to level 200 because 5th job is bullshit! The way the whole V Matrix thing works is stupid. It takes so long to get a perfect trio node. It would be nice if it was possible to select the other two skills when crafting a node. And the nodestone drop rates are assss. MapleStory isn't bad, but nexon sucks on rotten Easter eggs!

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