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What pisses me off about Maple 1. Mechanics. They come into your map and obviously see you training. What do they do? They rush rush rush rush and then use that hammer thing. It's not even real KSing because being a UA, i have the higher DPM, but it's so annoying :( 2. Dumb people at LHC. This breaks down into 2 types. The first type is people who spam "J>PQ!" LHC isn't a freaking "PQ". It's training as a party. The second type is people who do not let me rush. When i rush at crockies or bearwolves, I can get a mob of like 5+ into the same spot. Not only does this maximize exp, it also maximizes my DPM since i'm a mobbing class...this is also connected to the random NL that tries to solo LHC. Freaking annoying. 3. Wil


AznSeals Pvp tier list After a few months of not updating, the metagame has changed and I proudly present: [header]Tier List v.0.50[/header] This is based on 120+ FFA. I am not factoring Corsair's and WH's battleship/mount lag. Tiers only matter if everyone is of the equal skill. A good Wild Hunter will wreck a terrible Paladin. This is all MY OPINION. Feel free to agree/disagree. [b]S Tier[/b] Paladin/Battle Mages People who live near LA [b]A Tier[/b] Shadower Dark Knight F/P Arch Mages [b]B Tier[/b] I/L Arch Mage Bishop Hero [b]C Tier[/b] Dual Blader Marksmen Night Lord Bowmaster [b]D Tier[/b] Evan Aran Buccaneer Corsair Mechanic [b]lol Tier[/b] Wild Hunter Beginner [header]Reasoning[/header] I feel that placing Paladins and Battle Mages


Bishops deserve more respect. The bishops who work hard that is. I decided to do a little experiment and see what happens in the life of a bishop. Characters used: My I/L Archmage (The negative control), My Dark Knight (party buff attacker), My Bishop (party buff support) They were chosen because no body wants an Archmage at LHC (even if it's 171 and Godly) because mages suck so I figured i'd get the same treatment anyways. My Drk has HB, and is the attacker of choice for most parties. My bishop has HS, which everyone dies for. With that, i decided to record what happens when i party. 1. The party request frequency test. As expected, my I/L got invited into less parties than my other characters. This is expected because people still have th

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