Decent at dodging?

Hey! So I'm on Reboot and am contemplating a MM for fun. The wife is angling for BM. Looking at the skills I'm wondering if MM (and BM) are any good at dodging? I know not at thief levels, but seem to get a skill or too.

I assume the HP situation is still terrible? Decent HB on overalls would be nice ~_~


January 3, 2016

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If ya got Hookshot/Grappling Hook, you can dodge pretty much anything =p

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@distantsky: Well you see that alot of my total stats gets cut away. I would cap both weapon and magic avoid with about 65% if my current stats, too. Weapon acc would be capped with less than 50% of my current stats.
But granted, yes, i am funded. It would take alot to reach these levels.

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@robertswe: you're with a funding that not 5% of the population can achieve. Your anecdote is an outlier

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@masinko: Actually we do have quite nice defence.
I cap both magic and physical defence, and i got 13498 weapon and magic accuracy. Not sure if that's the cap or not, it's a wierd number.
I cap weapon avoidability and got 8.3k magic avoidability. I can afk at high level maps and my pet wont use that many potions.

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For both, you'll have a high amount of HP and avoidability. Verticle jump on both also helps out.

For bowmasters, you don't have much defenses, but while you cycle though drain arrow you'll be fine.
For marksman, you have your blue bubble skill (I forgot it's name, but it's a 3rd job skill). When you attack, it procs the bubble, and that bubble mitigates a lot of damage.

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for HP situations, marksman has an amazing shield buff called aggressive resistance

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HP situation for bowmasters isn't too bad since they have drain arrows you can lock in. MM and BM both have some grappling hook move thing that makes you dash past monsters without taking damage when you go through them, but im' not sure if that's what you're asking. they also have illusion step, which gives like 30% dodge or something.

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Uhmm i'll just leave this here... [url=]dodge for days[/url]

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I got 33k HP at 214 without decent hb. I wouldn't worry about surviving if i were you, it's easy to get 9999 avoid/magic avoid/def/magic def.
As for dodging, there's a skill or two but nothing i notice alot, hardly at all.

We are way more agile these days. I can solo hmag without problems and cpierre is also fine. Sure it takes a lot more skill as a bowmaster, but it's certainly not undoable.

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