Protection Scroll not Working

Any idea where I went wrong here:
Went 8 for 11 using Prime scrolls on the Titanium Heart.
Since no slots left, I enhanced the 8 stars.
Used CSS scrolls to get back the 3 failed slots.
Now +8, 8 stars, 3 upgrades available.
Attempted to use a protection scroll and it says, "You may not use scrolls on this item".
(and no, I don't see a little shield on the heart symbolizing it's already protected).

Weird because I thought protections were good up until you reach 12 stars.
However the message seems more generic by including all scrolls?


February 19, 2017

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@baconmmm It's because you starforced it to 8/8. Since you're at the star cap for the item, you can't use protection scrolls anymore. If say the heart was 7/8 stars, you would still be able to use the protection scroll on the item.

Reply February 20, 2017

@darksword: Thanks for the info. Guildies think it's a bug as well and I should report it.
If you owl a protection scroll, notice how it now says "annnot be used on Star Force enhan"
So something clearly changed, as I know it use to say something like "Cannot be used on 12 star or greater enhancements"

Reply February 19, 2017

@baconmmm: That seems a lot more like a bug than something normal.

Star Forcing/Enhancement in general requires you to have 0 slots regardless. Unless there was a recent change I wasn't aware of you may be dealing with a bug for Star Forcing.

There is a chance +8 M Att scrolls from Marvel cannot be used on heart at all due to some weird scenarios happen where they're restricted such as attempting to use Gollux Scrolls on a heart.

On the other hand, "Protection Scrolls, Shielding Wards, and Superior Shielding Wards cannot be used" after opting in (getting at least one star via Star Force Enhancement system).

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Can't use on starforce items D:

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@saucymoose: I'm leaning that way, but it seems like I can't use any scrolls. I would of I liked to use some of those +8 M Att scrolls from Marvel from a while back. Doesn't seem to allow those either.
What's odd is I can still play the star force enhancement game for a 30% chance at +5 M Att though.

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Can't use protection scrolls on items that are fully enhanced =/

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You're screwed. This is why no one enhances anything to max they plan to prime before they finish scrolling it.

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