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Can anyone guide me if resetting my hat is the way to go?
At present it has +25 M Att, +24 INT and +22 LUK from iCoGs.
I would go (13) Prime scrolls for +130 INT, +130 LUK, +0 M Att.
At present I have +500% INT and +51% M Att.
Can anyone figure out just how good / bad a decision it would be to reset?

May 4, 2016

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@stevenman76, @eternalmemory: With normal buffs, I have around 1,360 M Att, 23,000 INT and 6,000 LUK.

I mean priming 13 times sounds awesome, but it's not easy. There is a cost for the guardian scrolls, protection scrolls, CSS resets, etc. But if its that much better than what I currently have, I'll slowly build the prime equipment.

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@mochapk: It depends on each person, because the ratio is literally the ratio of Att/MAtt and main stat of the character, to put it in simplified terms. The formula uses BASE main stat and attack, not the final amount that takes into account %stat/%atk.

For most people, it's something like 2-5 stat =1 atk.

@OP Primes are better than iCoGs in the vast majority of cases, atk/matk only competes with primes if you manage to get around 50 atk or more from iCoGs.

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@eternalmemory: Do you know the exact translation from a stat to attk/mag attk? Or do you know of any links that explain it? I always assumed that 2-3 of a stat = 1 attk.

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Whats your current INT and M.Att?

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