Accounting for PDR

I'm trying to figure out how I have 91% PDR, but only count 88%, so something unknown is giving me 25-30%.
Any idea what I'm missing? Note, I'm not using Lumi's and Zero's link skills. Thanks!

PDR From
10% Staff
10% Hat
5% Top
5% Pants
30% Gollux Set
30% Leafre Set
30% Shield Pot Line 1
30% Shield Pot Line 2
10% Ambition Trait
18% Hyper Stat
6% Beast Tamer Card
30% ?

February 13, 2016

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It would be 10%, maple never rounds in your favor, in fact maple doesnt round it just trunc's it.

Reply February 14, 2016

@zouyiro: Every line of PDR will give you (100 - currentPDR) * newLine%.

So if you had 70% PDR, and you gained a line of 30% PDR, you'd see an increase of (100-70) * 0.3, approximately 10%.

Reply February 13, 2016

How you calculate the PDR? Im curious.

Nvm, i found the formula xD

Reply February 13, 2016 - edited

Do you have the lumi link or the zero link (idk if you're in reboot or not)

Reply February 13, 2016 - edited

Ah yes, Arcane Aim is giving 20%, thanks!
So that leaves something giving 5%, and it's rounding up to 91%; or something is giving 10% and it's rounding down to 91%.

Reply February 13, 2016 - edited

Maybe medal or title or some bonus pot lines you missed. Also not sure if arcane aim is counted into the stat or not.

Reply February 13, 2016 - edited