Ngs Hacking Detected Error

I've tried logging in over 10 times now, and everytime I get this error "NGS Hacking Detected," and the game just crashes. Does anyone know why this is coming up? I was online earlier today but playing with lots of lag while spamming WAB on my WH. Could that have tipped something off?

That was 6 hours ago though. Appreciate any help

August 9, 2015

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[quote=piana]1) Check your antivirus / window defender, ensure Maplestory is allowed. Or just uninstall / disable them and install Avast
2) Try delete your BlackCipher folder (make a backup first though) and let the game make a new one / find a replacement[/quote]

Yeah replacing the BlackCipher did the trick. Thanks for all the input

Reply August 9, 2015

stop hacking

Reply August 9, 2015

^ah yes, the TS might have to manually update the crap, resource-intensive program from the Nexon site
just copy and paste the unzipped folder to the same location, and allow it to overwrite the contents in the BlackCipher folder.

Reply August 9, 2015

i got that... i just restarted my computer

Reply August 9, 2015

maybe some program in the background is conflicting with NGS (possibly an antivirus, or a different game engine)

Reply August 9, 2015