P/c 17% Luk SW tat?

Not really sure anymore how to sell items since auctions were down here.

It's unique 10% LUK 7% Luk, trash line. Scrolled with 70% spell traces and 10stars. Any idea on the price?
Also, I'm willing to trade for 17% Dex. Scrolling doesnt matter.

Thanks for the help guys!

October 9, 2016

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@battleox288: %DEX is worth less than LUK (Khroa anyway). But if someone wants to trade just trade, not that big of a difference.

Reply October 10, 2016

@masterobert: Is %dex worth less than luk? If I were to trade it, should I ask for money as well as the dex tat, or is the difference small enough that it doesn't matter?

Reply October 10, 2016

You shouldn't have scrolled it, now you should Innocence Scroll it.
Try to get 1.75~2b for it.

Reply October 9, 2016