So I decided to play Pokemon again, my ultimate goal is to catch them all, but while catching them all why not just breed them and get them the right nature and right moves.
So I went on a Ditto catching spree and I caught all the Natures of Dittos!

On the right I have the 6 Pokemon that I train at when I need to do EV training.
I nicknamed the Pokemon on the right where I see them in game, so I know where to go.

The eggs that you see are just fillers of random Pokemon eggs I found in my PC.

March 11, 2014

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@Purification I added someone on basilmarket that had a ditto farm

@Doutei having the perfect IV (5/6 or 6/6) is in part of the whole breeding process.

Reply March 13, 2014

still missing an important fact.
IV's > EV's

Reply March 12, 2014