BasilMarket 2018 Roll Call

BasilMarket is now reaching ghost town status.

Comment if you still kind of sort of maybe use this site.

Also say if you use BZL, play maple, and if you go on any other maple community websites.

February 18, 2018

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I stopped (actively) using this site many months ago.
I still occasionally pass by to see how things are going, but I rarely ever login anymore. This is actually the first time I've bothered to login and post something in quite some time.

Although I don't use BZL, I do have an account for some odd reason.
I don't use or visit any other Maple Story fan sites, besides Orange Mushroom's blog, and even then that's still quite rarely.

As for Maple Story itself, yes, I still play. I don't do so very often or for very long, I generally only play to participate in the occasional event that piques my interest, and I haven't actively trained any of my characters in months, but, yes, I'm still with this game.

Reply February 19, 2018

Check videos and screens, that's about it. Still play and visit the subreddit and twitch.

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I quit maple a long time ago, but I still go on basil a couple times every few months for nostalgia. I used to visit the hidden-street website too.

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@repentant: Agreed. I honestly don't use Quick Draw stance anymore. Zankou is better in Normal stance, at least for me. The ignore def, %Att, and 80% stance is a lot more useful and I wish it'd stack, or stay active, with Quick Draw stance. I already have 100% crit rate in normal stance and attack speed inner ability thing, so something like Sanrenzan isn't that bad compared to like Shinsoku. I got tired of Blade Flash too.

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If I could figure out how to navigate the site and go through the pages correctly, I'd be more inclined to using this site. Not sure what happened with the formatting but this is impossible to work with.

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hi am still exist

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I just come back for mule events.

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@repentant: Surprisinly I'm sorta Eternalmemory's friend. I know that she is currently in canada, we message eachother frequently before she went to bzl

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I check up on Basil occasionally but I never feel like logging on unless I find a topic I can easily jump into. Haven't been an active player since... I don't even remember, but I regularly check up on the community via Reddit and Discord. I like looking at the art posted on Global MapleStory's server, it's kind of like what Basil screens were back in the day.

Forgot about BZL tbh. I used to go there just so I could look at eternalmemory's posts lmao

@deeemon: "I got ip banned on nexon's crappy forum for complaining too much about Hitokiri Strike. I think I made like 5 accounts"

Omg that was you? Lmao

Man, that nerf was a tragedy. I actually liked it better when Hayato didn't get any updates at all

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I still use it a lot. But its pretty obvious that less and less players do. Sad.

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This is the only site I go to, since I temporarily quit Maple. I don't know if I want to go back.

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Contrary to popular belief I am alive, busy with midterms and pretty much dead... but unfortunately still very much alive.

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I hop on to see if anyone has anything interesting to say :^)

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@deeemon: There's a future kms update where they reduce the wait time to just like however long it takes you fill up your stone. I don't know if you can still just wait 6 hours or if you have to fill it up but still, that should help.

OT: I use Basil occasionally, though I've always mostly used it as a way to keep track of my character levels. I only ever check r/Maplestory or the official forums if I have an issue or if the game goes down or something, and even then I usually won't check the official forums.

Also yeah I still play MS.

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can i go home now

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I still use stuff. I use BZL, but I've been busy with Nintendo Switch. The only thing I'm doing on Maple right now is trying to advance all my characters to Vth job. I think 12 so far.

Why the frig does it take 6 hours, dood? What numbskull'd frickhead at nexon thought this was a good idea? By the time we get that no wait for stone thing update, I'd have already advanced all my characters. Why do so many Vth job skills suck donkeydiugh? Disappointment after disappointment. I have no idea what I'm doing anymore.
/end rant

I got ip banned on nexon's crappy forum for complaining too much about Hitokiri Strike. I think I made like 5 accounts. I've been trying to get an answer about the Cooldown Cutter change, but they don't want to reply because they have no idea what they're doing, they're stupid or something. nexon (and Neospector) sucks, dood. Not sure if this was a rant.

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I quit Maple. Screw BZL. I'll check on /r/Maplestory every few days and I'll check on Basil once a week or so.

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