Cute girl IGNs

Wish I asked this years earlier but does anyone notice that generally G.I.R.Ls have different IGNs than actual girls?

Like iunno, I think girls just name their characters after everyday items or just something cute usually with 0 or 1 capital letter, or maybe just their name or a name, they can also be the same things I mentioned but in a different language. But GIRLs seem to name their characters with at least two 'words' at least 1 capital letter, and it's usually more fantasy related or something that's more 'cool' and less casual.

Like if I see some character named cinnamon vs DragonFury then I think the 1st one has a higher chance to be an actual girl. If the IGN is sex related then I think it's more of a 50/50 nowadays.

Formed this thought like a couple months ago as I talked with a friend who tried to seduce a guy with his lady pixels and I thought "idk if its gonna work with an IGN like that". You know who you are, actually I don't think you use this dead site anymore but if you're reading this then please feel weird that I'm talking about you here.

July 6, 2018

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@beefly: I mean my Basil ID is the name of my Bowmaster. This character in game is that's a thing

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@trapstar: yea, you baby.
@seatillite: of course you're a guy your ign says it all.
@mccork: Do young people play maple? I assumed it was all about minecraft, or LoL, or overwatch, ah no it's now all about fortnite. But don't worry, a bad pretender goes crashing down when the topic of makeup comes up.

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This thread is like gold for manipulators. What better way to get a convincing IGN than by asking a bunch of people who many of them are very young.

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I mean...I'm a guy.
...female characters have the best dress up options

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Anyone can name anything any way they want. It's almost irrelevant if you don't intend to survey and collect statistics on the matter. Like really, who would know?

However, I notice males try to be more accurate and typically won't settle for all lower-case letter IGNs like 'cinnamon' they would make it 'Cinnamon' or 'CinnaMon'. Females may disregard capitalization when naming their characters probably because it isn't a sentence and they are well aware.

That in mind, my friend name his G.I.R.L character iiLubYoux3. It is barely a name, it's far-fetched, but it does display an adorable sense by use of emoji. Except that he chooses to capitalize it. Supposing he were a female, she might use iilubyoux3. Girls often like tiny, girls often like cute. That means lower-case and expressiveness.

Boys might realize they could decorate their names and use xXIGNXx. I don't know many girls who decorate their IGN. Though they usually are open to having their first or surname within IGNs like Hannabliss or GopherAnna which seem rather clever. Boys in general are more objective and retain privacy. Meaning they will not use their name, but maybe roleplay another character from a series or use material contents. Ryuchen... Bladesoul...

Now we have to consider age too. With maturity comes manners. I have adult female friends named ColoredJen and Advanturur, maybe they capitalize out of experience with being punctual at school or work. Adults are better at planning than children, we know what we're turning our characters into. Whereas kids rush into the action to get started. Males usually have trendy names from pop-culture or references to something. I have adult male friends who create their own words like Karvedust or Shoguount.

We all have different personalities, regardless of gender, we should be more free about how we'd like to express ourselves. If girls would like to be violent and aggressive then start being DragonBladeSlayerMaster, so be it. If boys would like to be sweet and delicate then start being TeacupPiggyCutesyDoll, so be it.

When it comes to seduction in-game (especially this baby stuff), I think it's fairly obvious who is putting to much effort into reflecting their personality through what is mere pixels. Meet real people and they will show their true colors, anyone else faking is always going to beat-around-the-bush. You play MapleStory, if you have anything to hide it's that fact itself. Otherwise be yourself...

*All the IGNs I used are made-up, but similar.
*You all realize our characters are babies, right?

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Yes, my ign Ayoxa definitely screams G.I.R.L.
On another note, my account is 6 years old holy shit

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I saw something like this in Henesys, dood. Also the farm name and pic.
Some guys wouldn't leave my Luminous alone, dood.

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I tried to be a g.i.r.l once on maple, couldn't take it. The gayness from guys was too stronk. Not worth the $

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