Nobody mentioned this about Chaos Zakum

In the 1st(?) stage, with the hands going down, Czak sometimes puts up platforms and instead of shooting beams it just continues to slam with the remaining arms it has.

And then it glows blue (like its crown has glowing blue zigzags in it), spawns some enemies and if I hit Czak I deal 1s and get chunks taken out of my HP, so basically DR. But Ive never heard anyone mention Czak having DR and no guide I found mentioned Czak turning blue and using its arms to slam during the platform stage. Someone mentioned it can guard against attack but does that sap my HP? I'm a mage BTW.

I wasn't even in the ground with the fire either. Zak's not using that purple explosion attack either, well it does but not when it glows blue like that. At first I thought maybe it was cause I was using erda nova, but the 2nd time I tried I didn't even have it in my keys and Czak still does that blue thing.

Tried getting a picture the 3rd time, and then it DOESNT do that and just does as it normally do and I killed it. Am I just crazy or something? I'm sure I'm just misunderstanding it, but I can't say zak's purple thing, arm slam, or fire beams killed me.

May 3, 2018

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it starts making funky patterns cus u're stronk, i'm proud of u

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Ive never heard of that too tbh.. That is weird never even knew Czak had DR.

I have gotten that before though, where its head is Blue (with the ziz zags)and I deal 1's. I usually have killed the arms at this point also.

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@cris1000: That's kinda dumb, my reaper kills the arms

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I think it does that if you kill all the arms while still on the first stage.

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