Broni V Khroa Finally Addressed According to Nexin, for the upcoming November 12 world transfer event, if you want to transfer to Broa/ Khani, you can only transfer to Broa or as Nexin mentions themselves the MAIN WORLD. Therefore, Khaini merged into Broa meaning that Broni is the name of Khaini the non main world merging into Broa the main world. Now stop with all of this Khroa crap please. Thanks for your time. "For merged worlds, only the main world is displayed as an option. (Ex: If you wish to move to Broa/Khaini, you can only select Broa)." (Nexin)


Range for normal gollux? Basically, I bought cheap traced fafnir weapons (5-7 att scrolled) and cheap decently traced royal hats and root abyss tops for a lv 200 i/l mage, a lv 176 pally, and a 16x phantom of mine. I also bought them each tyrant capes (since I refused to waste 4k nx per transfer from my main) and cheap traced dimension gloves. They are also all equiped with clean reinforced belts/ pends. Will they be able to handle normal gollux or should I just stick with easy gollux? Note: The mage has a 111kish min range with an ele staff (I think it adds 5-10% damage?), the pally is at 65kish, and I've yet to equip the stuff I got to the phantom. Note 2: They are ALL mules that I barely geared for the sole purpose of having extra daily


Nexin gets banhammer "In other news, a new law has been passed in Korea requiring all companies to disclose the probabilities of gambling-type items, and that applies to MapleStory as well! On June 30, they will be releasing the probabilities of their items. So we'll finally know how likely it is to get items from things like Philosopher's Books (and other items like that)! I'm not sure if this will include Miracle Cubes and their chances to upgrade/get certain lines, but hopefully it does." Omergawd, Nexin will now have to legally show gach rates/ cube probability/ the probability of anything gambling related in KMS :D

General Fashion

The box Surprise You get card in mail from your grandma. She give you birthday card with $10.00. YAAAYYY! You tink about what to buy: 10 pack of gum, lunch at KFC, super yoyo. Wait a minute, you think to yourself. I can get 10k nx card! You run to nearest CVS to get your Nexin card. Lady on line gives you weird look. You no care, you about to get that Nexin. YAAAYYYY! Lady ring you up. All done. You hurry home to use that card. You go to log on Mapl. 4 hour unschedule server maintenance </3. You basil and try to pass time. Finally 4 hours up. You can now log in Mapl YAAAYY! Update notice: maintenance extended 2 hour. You cry a little inside and go back to basil. Two hour later, maintenance done YAAAYYYY! You log in. Put in the 10k code S

General Hero

One vs two h sword Inquirey Since everyone seems to be raving about how warriors can break the speed cap with green monster park extreme pots, wouldn't the most viable end game of end game weapons be a red katanna/ a maple pyrope sword (since those are fast 4 while other one h swords aside of the lunchbox are only fast 5)? Sure they have low attack and the red katanna has tier 2 potential but if a warrior was able to cap regardless, wouldn't the extra speed level be better?

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