LF for the ign "Psychic" please!!

It's me again, I am still desperate for the ign PSYCHIC. I am not 100% sure who has it but if you do have it or know any information about it PLEASE let me know! I have a lot of great igns for trade of the same caliber. If you claim to have it I will need some proof. Please pm me with any info and I can let you know which names I have for trade.

Additionally, I am looking for the ign "Pryce" Thanks everyone. Spread the word if you can, this ign is very important to me.

October 18, 2015

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brb turning on bots for when kinesis comes out to swipe psychic..

Reply October 19, 2015

@akatsukidark: Someone just told me who it may be. Thanks for letting me know, I'm gonna talk to him/her and see what the outcome is

Reply October 18, 2015

Someone I know in Windia has it, but they're not willing to part with it.

Reply October 18, 2015

@2pro4um8: Psychic was my #1 priority. Telekinesis and the others I have were all just backup choices but I am determined to find the name I wanted

Reply October 18, 2015