LF the IGN "Olympia"

Hi, I am looking for the ign "OLYMPiA." If you or anyone you know has it please let me know here or PM me. I've got some great IGNs for trade I'd be happy to share with you if you have it. Thanks

October 20, 2015

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Someone by the name of Thong owns it in Khaini. Picked it up from the wipe

Reply October 21, 2015

@alesanah: Aw, okay. That's disappointing but thanks for letting me know

Reply October 20, 2015

@biancadelrio You could try and find someone who has it with a capital i instead of l

Reply October 20, 2015

Whatever you do don't trade with @xaiosun he scams IGN's..

Reply October 20, 2015

Yeah , I own it . not giving it away . since its it's my guild's name.

Reply October 20, 2015