Made a new character on reboot for the first time in years

Got to lvl 100, realized I needed mastery books, and suddenly the game is much less fun T_T

November 15, 2020

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@repentant: oh I didn't know about the free mastery books =o and I knew that about cygnus knights. I have a wind archer that's really fun, and I have a night walker, but it's really hard to play because night walkers are absolutely one of the squishiest classes I've ever played, it's insane. I tried training on bunnies, and they kill me in 2-3 hits.

Reply November 16, 2020

It's not too bad. Theme dungeons, Silent Crusade and Root Abyss give you plenty of free mastery books.

Alternatively, you can level a Cygnus Knight and not worry about mastery books ever.

Reply November 16, 2020